The Teacher Who Promised The Sea

Direction: Patricia Font
Screenplay: Albert Val, screenplay based on a novel by Francesc Escribano
Shooting: Summer 2022
Genre: Drama
Runtime: Feature film

Production Companies: Minoria Absoluta, Lastor Media, Filmax, Mestre Films AIE
Distribution: Filmax
Support: ICEC, ICAA, RTVE, TV3

When Ariadna finds a mysterious notebook, she decides to look for the person who was her grandfather’s teacher, discovering an exciting story marked by tragedy. In 1935, Antoni Benaiges obtained a teaching position in a small, isolated town in Burgos. There he establishes an intense relationship with his students, a group of girls and boys between the ages of six and twelve, to whom he makes a promise: to take them to see the sea for the first time. Seventy-five years later, the daughter of one of those students discovers the wonderful story behind that unfulfilled promise.